Barnes never seem to fit in

Fullback Darian Barnes became the latest casualty of the Mangini regime when he was released on Wednesday afternoon.

Barnes, who was signed as a free agent in the off-season, hasn't seen game action since late October against the Bengals, and has only appeared in five games for the Jets this season. Although his playing time has been sporadic, Barnes did help pave the way for two of Jones's hundred yard performances. That's an interesting statistic considering Jones only has only eclipsed the hundred yard mark on three occasions.

The team's philosophy toward two tight-end sets appeared to have ultimately cost Barnes his job, as the Jets have often elected to utilize players like Joe Kowalewski as an H-back lined up in the backfield. Their ability to do so made the fullback position somewhat disposable.

"There have been different times he was active or not active. We have multiple tight ends on the roster right now," Mangini said during his Wednesday press-conference. " The way that we're set up, you can go in and out of the one ­back sets or the two ­back sets with those players, and it just gives you some more flexibility."

The rugged fullback was active in all sixteen games for the Dolphins last season and the Jets had high hopes for him. However, much like most of the 2007 off-season, their hopes failed to materialize.

"It really comes down to the whole group and who can play those spots the most effectively on game day," Mangini said when asked why Barnes wasn't able to crack the starting lineup of any of the special teams units. "The way that worked out is there were other guys in those positions, which if you're not considered there on a regular basis, it makes it hard to be active consistently."

While he may be currently unemployed as a football player, his professional plate is still very much full.

Earlier this month he reached a deal with NEHST Studios to have his comic-book concept produced into an internet based animated series. The comic, titled The National Triumph League, is based on professional athlete characters that harbor super-human powers and spend their time off the field fighting crime.

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