What does DE Kareem Brown bring to table?

What are the Jets getting in waiver wire pickup - Kareem Brown?

The Jets made a really sound football decision on Tuesday by claiming DE Kareem Brown off waivers this week. The surprisingly waived Brown because they needed to create a roster spot due to an injury.

The Jets and several other teams claimed him. He was awarded to the Jets since they had the worst record.

Brown should be able to contribute pretty quickly since the Patriots and Jets play the same defensive system.

But on the other hand, he currently doesn't look big enough to be an effective 3-4 end. He's around 280 pounds, very small for a 3-4 end. He probably needs to add another 20 pounds.

So it's possible that this move was made with next year in mind. He could use an off-season in their strength and conditioning program.

He also needs more time to get used to the 3-4 defense. He was a 4-3 player at Miami of Florida.

But the Patriots thought enough of Brown to pick him in the fourth round of the 2007 draft, and they didn't want to lose him. But they had to create a roster spot. So for Tannenbaum to take advantage of the Patriots dilemma was smart.

Brown isn't a very fast player, reportedly running in the 5.4 area at his Pro Day. But he is quick off the ball, and has a good motor. 40 times really aren't that important as a 3-4 end because how often does players really run that distance.

This Miami-native really looks like he could help the Jets next year, and it was a good idea for the Jets to take a flyer on him.

But don't expect the Jets to rush him into action. First of all, he hasn't played a game this year. He was inactive for every Patriots game. Secondly, as was already mentioned, he needs to get bigger, stronger and work on his 3-4 technique. Lastly, his head is spinning right now. First of all, going from a Super Bowl contender to one of the NFL's worst teams record-wise is a tough deal. Also, he was a good friend of Redskin safety Sean Taylor, who was murdered this week.

So it's been a rough few days for the blue-eyed Hurricane.

So expect the Jets to take their time with him.

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