Mike Tice on the Jets

The Long Island native spoke to the New York media about returning home to face Chad Pennington and the Jets.

What is it like for you to come back here to New York with your Long Island Roots?


"Coming back to NJ, it is not really like I am coming back to New York. It doesn't mean as much as if I was coming back to Shea Stadium or something. But it means a lot to be able to have some friends and family to support us.


What has the struggling Jets defense shown you on film?


"The strength of their defense is in their linebacker core. They have some guys in the secondary that we have some familiarity with. They have some familiarity with us being down in Tampa Bay. I think they haven't come together yet as a defense, I'm sure they will. They have had two weeks to work. I know the bye helped us as a football team that was struggling. We are still only one and four too. It is two teams that have their work cut out for them, and they have the players over there, they are just not making the plays. I am sure this week they will come out fired up and pissed off, and intense as hell because everybody is picking on them. You get tired of it as a player.


Can you talk about what you saw on film from Pennington?


"He is an athletic guy that likes to move around a little bit in the pocket, very accurate passer as shown with his statistics in the Kansas City game. He is a winner; he comes from a winning program. I think he has a great amount of poise for a young guy. I think he is going to have a great career and hopefully he won't play well Sunday. I am pretty sure they are probably licking their chops.


Is there any fond memory you have at Shea growing up here?


"Not particularly because I was born and raised a Giants fan so that would be hard. My favorite player growing up was Joe Willie, but my favorite team was the Giants. I have more fond memories going to the Bronx and Yankee Stadium than I do going to Shea stadium."

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