Tough Match-up

The Jets might be expecting to win on Sunday, but they have shown a lot of respect for Minnesota's high-powered offense this week. The defense spoke about the challenges in covering WR Randy Moss and QB Daunte Culpepper.

With a 1-5 record, the Minnesota Vikings have had their share of problems this season, but there is still no discounting their two big weapons, WR Randy Moss and QB Daunte Culpepper. The Jets understand this, and have not been overlooking the Vikings' stars.


"The biggest challenge is just covering him," said safety Jon McGraw, whom the Jets plan to use a lot on Sunday to help cover Moss. "They try to get match-ups that are favorable to him, and that's one-on-one. If they can do that, then Randy has a good chance to make plays. He has the vertical and the athletic ability to adjust to the ball. Just because you have him covered, doesn't mean the ball's not coming your way."


Coming over from Tampa Bay, cornerback Donnie Abraham has faced Moss twice a year since the receiver entered the league, and knows all about the challenges he presents.


"When you think you have him covered, cover him some more," Abraham said. That's the thing we stressed in Tampa. Finish the play and cover him when he's not even in the play because there's potential for the ball to come back to him. Daunte (Culpepper) is able to move around and scramble, so you got to make sure you stay with your guy."


Culpepper doesn't only scramble to set up the pass, he likes to tuck the ball and run with it. At 6-4 and 260 pounds, the quarterback is bigger than most linebackers, and DT Jason Ferguson knows it will be a challenge to stop him.


"It's like playing Jacksonville and [Mark] Brunell," Ferguson said. "You got to rush with caution and don't get out of your lane. He's a big quarterback and he can throw over [you], or he can run over [you]. When you're rushing at him you got to get his feet together and wrap him up."


Culpepper, in turn, has not been overlooking the Jets defense.


"You never want to take anybody lightly because I have learned that on any given Sunday anybody can get beat. I have watched all of their games and they have a lot of good things on that defense. Their record might not show it, but they have a good football team [and] we have to be ready to come in there."


The Jets' defense will have their hands full on Sunday.

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