Why did the Jets let Ware leave?

Why did the Jets let RB Danny Ware leave to join the Giants? Well, it's not that simple.

According to a source close to the Giants, the Jets did make an attempt to keep Ware.

"The Jets made a run to keep Ware," said the source. "It sounds like the kid wanted to go where there was a chance for the playoffs and the postseason money the comes along with that."

Obviously the Jets can't offer Ware playoff money. They aren't going to participating in the post-season, and barring a major collapse, the Giants will be in participating in the second season.

Ware was on the Jets practice squad when the Giants signed him. A practice squad player is allowed to sign with any team's active roster when approached.

So you can't criticize the Jets for not attempting to keep him. What you can criticize them for was leaving Ware on the practice squad this long. Considering how well he played in the preseason, it was a dangerous move to keep him on their as long as the Jets did. It finally came back to bite them.

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