Belichick on the Jets

Q: What is your impression of the Jets? Last year they were a playoff team, this year -

BB: My impression of them was in the Pittsburgh game they played very well. And they beat Pittsburgh. I haven't seen yesterday's game, but we watched the Pittsburgh game pretty carefully because we were watching Pittsburgh. We'll get rolling on the Jets this afternoon and into the week. They did a good job against the Steelers.

Q: Obviously the events of the first week of the season will be rehashed this week leading up to the game. What will be your approach this week and will there be any extra motivation for your team?

BB: We're going to approach it like every other game.

Q: Which is?

BB: Just the way we've done all of them - Come in, look at the film, get together a game plan, try to figure out the best way to attack and defend them. Try to win.

Q: And extra motivation?

BB: We're going to do the same thing - We try to win every week, believe it or not. It may not look like it at times, but we do. We try to play our best game out there every week and we try to win every week, so we're going to try to win this week.

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