Will Wilfork be available for Jets as FA?

Will Vince Wilfork and Asante Samuel reach free agency? . . .What kind of potential does Kareem Brown have? . . .Is Josh McDaniel ready to be a head coach? . . .Kraft has big plans in Foxboro. . . . more with Pats Insider Jon Scott.

Q) The Jets might make a run at Asante Samuel and/or Vince Wilfork in free agency. Do you think both will be available? What do you think the Pats plans are with these two?

Jon Scott: I think Samuel's story in New England will become part of their history. While the Patriots would like to keep him, I'm not sure he's in it for another championship. The tattoo on his arm indicates he's more interested in the money, and I think with the past two seasons he's had, someone will overpay to pry him away from New England.

I doubt you'll see Wilfork anywhere near free agency. He's just too valuable to the Patriots defense. The production of the whole line suffers when he's not in there. They still don't have anyone to replace him or give him a breather. You saw what happened when he had to come out at times in the Indy championship game last year. The Colts ran right up the middle where Wilfork should have been, and had no trouble doing it.

Q) What do you think of Kareem Brown?

Scott: When the Patriots released Brown due to some roster issues whey had, I really was surprised. It seemed like they wanted to groom another young defensive lineman who could eventually fill in along the line. Brown appeared to have that type of future potential – like a Jarvis Green.

For Brown though, he's not exactly an Adonis in the locker room (see our picture of him in his photo gallery). He won't impress you with his size or his speed, or his body type. He needed at least another year, and may be one of those guys who won't really show his talent until year three.

When New England drafted defensive lineman Jeremy Mincey (Florida) two years ago to be their future outside linebacker, he was decent sized, pretty sure of himself and a bit slow on the uptake. They released him at the start of the season and San Francisco picked him up. He didn't last long there and the 49ers dumped him. He just didn't seem to get "it" – the part where working hard even if you don't play is your job.

I see a little of the Mincey story in Brown. I'm not surprised the Jets picked him up. It seems to be their M.O. (picking up former Patriot players). I'm just not sure he'll be the guy they want him to be – at least not for a while.

Q) Is it a little crazy for reporters to throw Josh McDaniels' name out for head coaching jobs? Is it a little early?

Scott: I thought it was crazy when they threw Mangini's name out there. He had a long way to go to learn the nuances of the position. Mangini learned pretty quickly on the fly, and although he seems to be going through a sophomore slump, I don't think he's too far over his head.

I think McDaniels is as smart as Mangini. If some NFL owner wants a future star in a young coach, I don't think they'd go wrong with McDaniels. But, I see a long learning curve as he gets used to building the right staff, getting the right procedures in place, and establishing the culture he wants in a new place.

It's not hard to be a good coach when things are in place, but how players respond to a coach who's their own age (or younger), may be more than many first time head coach can handle well. I think McDaniels has a couple years to go. You'd really have to see how well he performs without Tom Brady. I'm not so sure this offense would be anywhere near as effective as it is now.

Q) How is Robert Kraft doing these days?

Scott: Kraft has a lot on his plate. Patriot Place is a pretty big development right next to Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, and will transform what a stadium environment will become in the NFL. It will have over a million square feet of retail space, a medical center, a theater and a nightclub. He's turning an albatross – $500 million part time use stadiums –into a year round attraction that always has something going on even when games are only played once a week.

Kraft already owns the New England Revolution – a MLS franchise that has competed for the MLS championship in recent years. He's also reportedly interested in purchasing another soccer franchise overseas to take advantage of the global interest in the world's most popular sport.

As you may have heard, Kraft is now cozying up to CBS, and will be undertaking a sport themed restaurant endeavor. The ESPN zone and the FOX Sport Grill are two such setups that have fared well. Because it looks like CBS will retain the rights to the AFC, and Kraft's football team isn't going anywhere, the match appears to be one made in heaven.

Q) Is there anyway to get the PA announcer to stop having that sing-a-long with the crowd after every Patriots first down? They get so many first downs, it's very annoying.

Scott: LOL. You can ask, but I don't think you'll get much consideration for it. Maybe you can ask the Jets to just let the Patriots score on the first play of each drive so you don't have to listen to it.

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