It's Got to Be the Jerseys

Whatever the real reason the Jets broke their losing streak, they did it while debuting their new jerseys. Now, Gang Green will wear all-green for the foreseeable future.

The Jets debuted their new, all-green uniforms on Sunday, and Herm Edwards said they will probably wear them for the rest of the year. They aren't scheduled to wear them past the Cleveland game next week, but apparently the team had a fashion show a year ago to choose which uniforms they liked best, and collectively chose the all-green look. They were wearing the white Jerseys earlier in the season when it was still hot. They wanted to Debut the Jerseys in the Kansas City game, but felt it would be unfair to WR Wayne Chrebet, who missed that game due to injury.


The injury S Jon McGraw suffered in the Minnesota game was a stinger in his left side. The Jets expect the rookie to be okay, but are having him undergo an MRI exam today as a precaution. The only other injury that occurred during the game was when RB Curtis Martin took a shot to the head and had to be helped off the field. In typical Martin fashion, he withstood the pain and convinced the coaches to let him back in the game. During his post-game conference, Martin said he was a little loopy when taken off the field, and his teammates had a good laugh at his expense. He also lost his train of thought while answering a question, and jokingly blamed it on the hit he took.


The Jets committed two, 15-yard taunting penalties on Sunday. The first was from WR Santana Moss on the third play of the game, and the second was from DT Jason Ferguson late in the game. Edwards was more upset with Ferguson's penalty, and immediately pulled him from the game so he could think about it. In both penalties it was a situation where the player retaliating always gets caught.


RB/KR Chad Morton has been doing such a good job returning both kickoffs and punts, that the Jets are not going to put Moss back into his punt return role. The team originally had Morton return punts so Moss could rest his sore hamstrings and not risk re-injury, but now the team decided to keep Moss away from special teams until further notice. 



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