Q-and-A with Kellen Clemens

Q)Can you talk about the hit you took at New England?

KC: We had a pass called with three wide receivers to the left. [I] dropped back, there was a little bit of pressure, a little bit of penetration, and instead of risking a sack I threw it away. The defender hit my right arm as I was throwing and then landed on me as when we went to the ground.

Q: How painful was that?

KC: It wasn't anything immediate -- really just some pain when I got back to sideline and I started visiting with doctors from there.

Q: Could you have come back into the game?

KC: It was the coach's decision on whether or not I came back, so Coach made the decision that he was going to let Chad [Pennington] roll, and I respect that decision.

Q: Were you disappointed or upset?

KC: I was still in the locker room when Chad went in. I support Chad just as he has supported me.

Q: Did you come back to watch the game on the sideline?

KC: Yeah, I was on the sideline. I was on the sideline for most of the second quarter and the whole second half.

Q: Were you physically able to return?

KC: Coach made the decision that he was going to stick with Chad, and as I mentioned, we all respect that decision. I did my best to support Chad.

Q: What type of injury is it?

KC: It's being called a rib injury.

Q: Can you talk about Pennington's game?

KC: Chad Pennington is a professional. He works hard, he obviously has a lot of experience and he's a good quarterback. You expect nothing less than from Chad than to be prepared, and then when a situation like this comes up for him to have the success that he did.

Q: How much pain are you in now?

KC: I can feel it.

Q: As you watched, do you feel like you guys let this one get away?

KC: I think we definitely had an opportunity to win the game. We were in it throughout. It's frustrating to come in here and play a good football game against a good football team in some pretty difficult conditions. The guys played hard and gave great effort and it is frustrating.

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