Mangini - Clemens gives Jets best chance

Even after Chad Pennington's strong performance In New England in terrible conditions, Jets coach Eric Mangini still insists the Kellen Clemens gives him the best chance to win against Tennessee.

"Those are decisions that you make as the coach and the decision that I've made (Clemens starting) I'm very comfortable with," said Mangini.

Why does Clemens give Mangini the best chance to win?

"There are a lot of things that go into the evaluation, and you look at all those different factors," said Mangini. "It's not just one element you look at."

Can you give us some of those factors?

"It's not really a small body of work you look at," said Mangini. "It's a lot of factors, like any position."

It would probably be hard to find many GM's in the league who would agree with Mangini that Clemens gives him a better chance to win on Sunday.

"Well I'm sure you're familiar with all the different evaluators," said Mangini told JC. "Let me know how that research goes and we'll talk."

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