Elwood Pennington upset with Jets

Chad's father is mad at the Jets after the way his son was treated this season.

"After you become an eight-year veteran, you see it as a business and you know how the organization does things," Elwood Pennington told the Knoxville News. "With the new coaching staff and organization, they're going to go in a different direction. Chad doesn't fit into either's plans as far as the future is concerned. He's at the end of his career and he wants to be somewhere he can compete for the starting job, win games and maybe get to a Super Bowl.

"I don't know what their thinking is, or what they're trying to accomplish by doing that," Elwood continued. "It looks to me like if I have a quarterback — Kellen or Chad — I'm going to hang my hat on one of them and let them know I'm behind them. They haven't really committed to either one of them."

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