Post game Q-and-A with Chad Pennington

Q)Chad, what happened on that interception in the end zone to Keith Bulluck?

Pennington: As I was reading the frontside route with the safety and the nickel back, I did not see Bulluck at all until I threw it. And when I threw it, I saw him. There was a slight adjustment, and I have to see that.

Q)Chad, at times it looked like you were under seige out there. You were sacked six times and were pressured a lot. Can you talk about that?

Pennington: We knew that the strength of their defense was their pass rush and their defensive line. We knew that, so we thought the no-huddle would be effective for us to try and slow down their big guns and get them tired, and make them do a lot of substitution. I thought we were pretty effective with that for the most part. But they are going to win some one-on-one blocks, and they did. They did it enough to put us in long yardage situations.

Q)How difficult was it with all the shuffling on the offensive line?

Pennington: I was actually pretty happy with how things went today. You have a lot of people rotating in, and the organization is attempting to look at some young guys. I thought they handled the pressure and the noise and the communication relatively well.

Q)How great was it for you to get a start again?

Pennington: I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed it. I'd like to have two throws back. Other than that, I feel real good about everything. I felt like I was seeing everything. That first pick, that was just frustrating. He had him beat, and I left it a little short.

That is why I felt I had to come back with the post route so you guys wouldn't get on me about arm strength (he laughs).

Q)When did you find out you were starting today?

Pennington: I came into the game expecting to start and being prepared. And if I didn't, at least I knew that I was prepared.

Q)Eric has made it clear that Kellen is the number one quarterback. Do you expect Kellen to start next week?

Pennington: It's the coaches decision. It depends on how he progresses, and what his health issues are. I will be ready. I always am. I will prepare like I always do, and be ready if they need me.

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