Mangini happy with Brick's progress

Jets coach Eric Mangini is pleased with the progress D'Brickashaw Ferguson has made this year.

"I've actually thought that Brick has made improvements throughout the course of the season," said Mangini. "One of the things I've liked with Brick is that he's changing up the way that he approaches the different pass rushers. It's very specific to that pass rusher. It's his ability to sometimes set a little bit lighter and a little bit deeper. Sometimes you want to quick­set the guy so that he doesn't know what you're going to do.

"I've also liked the way that he finishes blocks. In the running game, he's been more physical and more consistent with finishing blocks, not that he wasn't working at it over the course of time, but you just see those show up more frequently now. I've actually been pleased with his development as the season has gone on."

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