Pennington has three years left on contract

There is so much talk about Chad Pennington leaving the Jets this off-season. There is only one problem with that story line. He's not a free agent.

"I'm under contract for three more years," said Pennington. "I'm in a tough spot. It's out of my control."

Whether it's in New York or elsewhere, Pennington is very clear on what his role should be.

"I know I can play this game," said Pennington. "I do see myself contributing as a starter. I want to be a starter. That is what I live for professionally."

But don't expect to see Pennington making a public stink about his situation and trying to shoot his way out of Hempstead.

"I'm not that kind of person," said Pennington. "When I sign on the dotted line, I sign on the dotted line."

There is a chance Pennington could be traded. Whatever happens, don't expect anything to happen quickly.

"It's not a hasty decision either side wants to make," said Pennington.

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