Mangini happy with Bryan Thomas

Outside linebacker Bryan Thomas had a very quiet season after signing a five-year, $25 million contract last year. After the bye week. David Bowens seemed to replace him as a starter. But Eric Mangini says Thomas decreased reps had nothing to do with his level of play.

"One of the things that we moved towards the middle part of the season is to make sure that we carved out different roles so you don't run into a situation where you bring the 45­man roster, one group of guys is playing X amount of plays and they are on the high end, and another group of guys that could contribute, but they are not playing very much, and the overall production of the group isn't very good," said Mangini. "We mixed in more players and got a better distribution of reps overall late in the game, our production improved as a defense. So it wasn't just a function of him alone that those reps changed for. It was really trying to get a better distribution, more meaningful reps and having everybody at peak energy levels throughout the game."

Thomas finished the season with two sacks.

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