5 Questions with Josh Evans

The Jets' DT spoke about the problems with the pass rush.

Q: You guys have gotten some pressure on the quarterback, but why haven't you been able to knock him down?


Evans: I really don't know. I thought I had good pressure this week and a couple [more] seconds here or there and I could have had two or three sacks. We're getting pressure; we're just not getting the quarterback down. We just have to stick to our guns and keep doing what we're doing. We turned it around [last week] and everybody played good. Hopefully we can turn it around this week and get some sacks.


Q: Are you getting double-teamed, because everyone thought that with Abraham getting extra attention on the outside, you'd have some one-on-one battles inside?


Evans: They put me in a position to get to the quarterback. I don't want to be that hard on myself and say I haven't gotten any pressure, but as far as getting to the quarterback, I haven't gotten it done.


Q: Do you guys talk about other ways to get you free?


Evans: Yeah, we talk about it. Like I said, it's just disappointing to have eight sacks going into the seventh game of the season. We definitely thought we'd be in double digits right now. For us to have eight sacks, we're looking at ourselves and asking ourselves what's going on. But we know what we gotta do. We got to go out there and stick to our guns and keep getting pressure. Sacks come in bunches and we hopefully won't be talking about this next week.


Q: What have you seen from Cleveland's offense? Couch has spread the ball around well this year.


Evans: Yeah Definitely. I was in that division with them and I played against him, so I know him real good. He's doing a great job this year spreading the ball around to different people, to the running backs, the receivers, and the tight ends. It's going to be another game where we have to play our best.


Q: Herm Edwards said you took a big step forward as far as defensive philosophy.


Evans: We took a big step. Finally we started trusting each other. We weren't making the mistakes that we usually make. We had like two or three missed tackles. Once we started trusting each other, you could see what we can do.

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