Defense Still Needs Work

The Jets' defense made big strides against Minnesota last week, but the pass rush is still a work in progress.

The Jet defense made big strides last Sunday, but the pass rush continues to be an issue. DE John Abraham has picked up his play of late, but the interior rush is still not there. DT Josh Evans has not been a factor thus far, despite getting some one-on-one opportunities. By joining the team late, Evans did not work out in the off-season, and has been unable to be the 30+ down player the Jets thought they were getting.


Edwards is pleased with the play of DE Shaun Ellis, whom he said is playing more consistent since dropping from 302-pounds to 280-punds during the off-season.


"He's hustling, he's playing hard, he runs for the ball," said Edwards. He's a hard working guy. He's going to get his share of sacks."


The Jets have only recorded eight team sacks this season, among the fewest in the league. Edwards felt they have been getting some pressure on the quarterback, but need to finish the play and make the sack.


"We are getting close, but we have to do a better job of knocking the quarterback down," Edwards said. "In this league, if you don't knock him down, he becomes comfortable in the pocket and that's not a good thing. Bottom line; got to put him on the ground."

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