Q&A with Tim Couch

The Browns QB talks about the Jets defense and Chad Pennington.

Having been through the growing pains of being a young QB in the NFL, what advice would you have for Chad Pennington as he goes through the first stages?


I would just say that there are gonna be times when everyone loves you and there will be times when they hate you.  There are going to be a lot of ups and downs in his career.  The key is to fight through it all and stay level headed, and just remember what you believe in and keep doing what you are doing.  I'd tell him to just stick to what you believe in and, like I said, keep going at it and playing QB.. 


You being from Kentucky and he from Tennessee, have you guys crossed paths at all?


Yeah, when I was at Kentucky I played him when he was at Marshall several times, and he is a heck of a player.  I have a lot of respect for him.  I think he is going to have a long future in this league.


Talk about your offense and some of the playmakers you guys have. 


I think our receiving core is the strength of our offense.  We have Kevin Johnson who has been here for four years, and Quincy Morgan is a second year guy, Andre Davis is a rookie from Virginia Tech who came in and has been a big surprise to everyone.  He is playing exceptionally well right now.  Dennis Northcutt is another receiver and punt-returner kind of guy who ahs made a ton of big plays for us.  So we are pretty deep in the receiver position. 


What kinds of concerns do you about the Jets defense  What have they shown you?


I think their biggest strength is they are a veteran defense.  Especially the LB.  Mo Lewis, Marvin Jones and Sam Cowart have been in the league for a long time and have been really good players for a long time.  As far as their secondary goes, I know Aaron Beasley, I have played against him when he was at JAX several times.  He is a really solid corner.  Abraham, he is also an excellent player.  They are a veteran group so we are going to have to go there and be careful with the football, not turn it over.

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