Clemens gave team best chance to win

First Eric Mangini said it. Now Mike Tannebaum has said it. Quarterback Kellen Clemens played over the second half of the season because he gave the Jets the best chance to win. It had nothing to do with seeing what he could do. It was about the best players playing.

"One of the hallmarks of the program that Eric and I want to be known for is the best players will play," said Tannenbaum. "Actions speak louder than words and, over the last few years, that's been true. Like Eric said last week, the best players will play."

It's really hard for a lot of people to believe that the extensive action Clemens saw this year was based on letting the better player play.

And if Tangini really thinks Clemens played because he gave the Jets the best chance to win, you have to wonder about the judgement of the GM and coach a little bit.

Playing Clemens to see what he could do made a lot sense. Playing the raw signal-caller because you claim he gave you the best to win is hard to believe.

And you can see why Elwood Pennington told the Knoxville News that his son needs a change of scenary.

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