Mr. T learned lesson from Kendall mess

In retrospect, Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum feels he learned a valuable lesson last year from his handling of the Pete Kendall contract dispute.

"I've personally learned from that experience and tried not to let small things become big things and try to be more pro­active than reactive," said Tannenbaum. "With that said, I don't know if we had done anything differently if that situation would have worked itself out any differently than it did. Maybe it could have, but maybe it wouldn't have.

"Obviously, it's unfortunate how public it became. I don't think that's good for him or the team. It's very similar to how a lot of the things happened in the 2007 season. It's something that I want to learn from and grow from, and make sure that although it was a disappointing experience it's something we at least learn from what had happened.

"I pride myself on being a good listener, but maybe I need to be a better listener. I'm not so sure if we had done anything differently if that would have changed the outcome of it."

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