"And so it begins"

20-7. That was the final score from the NY Jets/Minnesota Vikings game. Not only did it mark the end of a 4 game losing streak with a team victory; several players on the Jets made some history! WR Wayne Chrebet became the 4th Player in NY Jets History (Behind the former WR greats of Don Maynard, Wesley Walker, and Al Toon) to surpass the 6,000+ receiving mark. RB Curtis Martin surpassed the 12,000+ yard rushing mark in his career.

WR Santana Moss surpassed the 100+ yard receiving mark for the first time in his career. LB Mo Lewis played in his 175th Career Regular Season game is officially tied with former Jets LB Larry Grantham for 7th in NY Jets History in games played. CB Ray Mickens played in his 100th Career Regular Season game. Finally, the man now known around New York as "Franchise", QB Chad Pennington passed for 324 yards and for the very first time in his career, had an 82.8 completion percentage for the game (Pennington was 24 of 29 passing). In doing so, it was the best single-game mark in NY Jets History (Even better than "Broadway" Joe Namath ever did) plus it was his second best performance in the NFL so far this Season! Speaking of "Franchise", I've noticed people have been downgrading his performance due to the Jets playing a very bad Defense.


Make no mistake about it; Pennington had a strong game, the best Quarterback performance in the HISTORY of this team. Nobody can take that away from him, yet people seem inclined to say that Pennington might just be a fluke. First off, he brings leadership, quality, and charisma each and every time he steps into the huddle. Secondly, he has been waiting for this opportunity his entire life. Did you know when Chad was just 8 years old, he was studying gamefilm? Lastly, what he did against the Vikings was supposed to happen. I know for sure that people would be jumping on his back had he thrown 3 INT's or had just a 58-yard game or so. Let me give you all an analogy that is very similar to what I'm talking about.


Pretend you're back to your school days. Your teacher says you're going to get a test, but it'll be an open book test. Meaning, you can take the test while looking up answers in your textbook. Obviously, you're going to get a really good grade, right? Now, the next test you get, you're going to have to step it up a notch because your teacher said it wouldn't be an open book test. You're going to have to put just a little more effort into it because even though you know you'll pass, you'll still need to study, right? With that said, Chad Pennington successfully passed his first open book test. He proved that yeah, against a pretty bad defense, he'll be able to rip them apart through the air. This week coming up, he'll have another test. It's a test direct from Cleveland with the questions being made by the Browns. Will Pennington do well with this upcoming test? I believe he will.


There are lots of words to describe Chad Pennington: extremely smart, charismatic, energetic, successful, humble, and most of all, patient. Would any of you have waited 2 years to take your first open book test? If you had to wait, wouldn't you prepare for it so you can flawlessly execute and get a perfect grade, even without needing the book? Chad is by no means perfect but damn, he sure plays like he feels he is. He's been studying his plays, working with a class act veteran in QB Vinny Testaverde the whole time, and has been waiting his entire life to be where he is right now. He deserves it, he truly does.


There's no doubt in my mind, every week in the NFL Season, Chad Pennington will keep getting test after test after test. He has the knowledge to pass them all, now all he now has to do is actually take them. And so it begins, Chad Pennington already felt his first victory, now let's see what kind of grades #10 will bring home.




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