5 Questions with Chad Pennington

The Jets' QB talks about his talented wide receivers.

Q: What does it do for you to have three receivers like you have?


Pennington: For me it's always a confidence builder when you have three guys like we do, in Wayne, Santana and Laveranues that can make plays. They put a lot of pressure on the defense because you never know who's going to get the football. I have a lot of confidence in all three of them. No matter what's called, somebody's going to get open and make a play.


Q: Is it okay for a quarterback to have a favorite receiver?


Pennington: I think it's okay for a quarterback to have a favorite receiver, but I'm blessed with a bunch of good receivers and they're all my favorites. Right now I'm not trying to get caught up in who's got the most catches or who's getting the most opportunities. Our goal and our focus is on whatever it takes to win. That's our mentality when we go into the games. Whatever it takes. We don't care if we win 3-2 or 31-30. It doesn't matter to us as long as it's a W.


Q: In the last game you were able to spread it around to all your receivers, but does anybody ever stand up and say, ‘hey I'm here too'?


Pennington: I think everybody knows that if you're involved in a pass route, that anybody can get the ball at any time. That's a credit to our offensive guys. They run routes as hard as they can and as well as they can. They never dog routes and the running backs, tight ends and receivers all do their jobs and that makes my job easier. I take it upon myself to make sure I get them the football. There's going to be games where Anthony [Becht] is more involved, there's going to be games where we flip flop roles and the running backs are more involved. It doesn't matter to us as long as we get the win.


Q: Is there a different feeling in practice now that you are coming off of a win?


Pennington: There was definitely a different feeling coming out of the locker room on Sunday and having that winning feeling again. But now I think the emotions from Sunday are gone and we're focused on the Cleveland Browns. We have our work cut out for us and only our best is going to enable us to win.


Q: When Vinny Testaverde was in, there were a lot more short routes and checks down to the running backs, and now it seems like you're looking downfield a lot more and throwing deep routes. Why is it different now, or what led to the change?


Pennington: I think it's just our ability as quarterbacks to take what the defense gives us. Earlier in the year we were doing a good job at getting our check downs. But when you do that, defenses tend to snug up on your check downs because they know you're aware of those, and it opens up the deeper holes. I try not to get caught up in what's been there in the past and what's been open in the past. I try to rely on my instincts and rely on my reads. Most of our plays, there's going to be a deep guy, there's going to be a shallow guy, there's going to be some different options across the field. You can't get honed in on one player or one receiver. You have to take each play as its own unique entity and not try to make it more than what it is.

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