Are the Bob Sutton rumors bogus?

We keep hearing that Bob Sutton's job is in jeopardy. Is this a media-created story?

It could be, and if that is the case, that is unfortunate.

It's the media's job to report the news, not create it.

Reporters have been talking and writing about Sutton being in trouble since the middle of the season.

Even when the team's defense improved a great deal over the second half of the season, they didn't stop beating the drums.

But if you notice, none of the reports about Sutton's shaky job security ever quoted a Jets or league source.

These stories seemed to be pure speculation based on guesswork.

Sutton is one of the most decent men you will ever meet, and he deserves better than this.

"Bob is a really, really good guy," said one former Jet defender.

Now it is possible he could be replaced. That is the case with any coach. But to guess about a man's job, based on bogus rumors is irresponsible.

We are talking about a human being with a family. This isn't Madden Football. This is real life.

There were rumors that Rob Ryan was coming to the Jets to take over the defense. The Oakland Tribune reported the story as fait accompli. How'd that work out?

Remember one thing about Sutton. While he is the defensive coordinator by title, he essentially shares the position with a guy you might have heard of – Eric Mangini.

Mangini has an extensive background as a defensive coach, and is very involved with the Jets game plans and play-calling on that side of the ball.

Mangini and Sutton work together running the defense, and did a heck of a job after the bye-week.

"Bob is probably one of the smartest guys you will meet," said the former Jet.

So why would you fire a coach after such a strong finish?

And even if the Jets brought in another defensive coach, it's unlikely Sutton would be fired. There is too much respect for him at Weeb Eubank Hall. He would likely still have a high-ranking position.

After all, if the Jets got rid of Sutton, Miami's Bill Parcells would hire him in a heart beat. Do the Jets want Sutton taking a ton of inside information to a division rival? Not likely.

Is there a chance Sutton could be replaced as defensive coordinator this off-season? Maybe – you never know.

But at this point, all the stories about his impending firing are irresponsible.

And unfair to a very classy man.

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