Q-and-A with Tannenbaum about Jets QB's

Q)Why was the switch made from Chad Pennington to Kellen Clemens this past season?

Tannenbaum: Kellen had earned the right to play based on what he did in practice. If you look at the last couple of years, our young guys in the first two rounds specifically with Brick (Ferguson), Nick (Mangold), Kellen (Clemens), Darrelle (Revis) and (David) Harris, I think all the young players in the league are going to have inconsistencies. When you play quarterback, I think that's magnified both positively and negatively. Kellen was similar in that he did some things well, and some things he has to do better. That is just part of being a young player in the league.

Q)Do you expect Pennington to return?

Tannenbaum: One of the hallmarks of the program that Eric and I want to be known for is the best players will play. Actions speak louder than words and, over the last few years, that's been true. Like Eric said last week, the best players will play. At the quarterback position, I expect Chad to be back.

Q)So you intention right now is to bring Chad back?

Tannenbaum: Yes.

Q)What is his contract situation? Will you look to re-structure?

Tannenbaum: He's under contract. I expect him to be back. I expect him to compete with Kellen, and certainly, if opportunities come along, we'll look at them and try to get Chad's reaction. You can certainly ask him.

Q)Did you talk to Pennington about returning and letting the best player play?

Tannenbaum: I did have a conversation with Chad. It was a quick one, end­-of-­the-­season conversation, and I'll leave parts of that conversation private. But the gist of it was very similar.

Q)What are your thoughts on his desire to start?

Tannenbaum: You want competitive guys and guys that want to be the best, and that brings out the best in everybody. At the end of the day, Eric will decide who plays and who doesn't play, but it will be based on who gives us the best chance.

Q)Will you look to add another quarterback this off-season?

Tannenbaum: We'll look at any opportunity to improve this team. We'll start in March. March is the start of the process. We'll work throughout the year with trades and other teams' practice squads to improve the team.

Q)Does Chad need to re-work his contract?

Tannenbaum: Given our cap situation, we're comfortably under the cap right now. I don't see the economics driving any decision right now with him being here or not being here.

Q)Would you consider trade offers for Chad?

Tannenbaum: We'll listen to anything, but I expect Chad to be back. That is the long and short of it. We have an obligation to listen to anything.

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