Part 3 with Mr. T.

Q)You must be happy to have the 2007 season behind you . . .

Tannenbaum: We're leaving the 2007 season behind us, and starting our preparation for the 2008 season.

Q)What are you guys working on now?

Tannenbaum. It all starts with evaluating our roster. We had great conversations with the coaching staff. We got their input and feedback from all the players. That's what we're doing with the personnel department, and we're putting our plan together.

Q)Where there one or two more personnel moves that you wishes he made last off-season?

Tannenbaum: That's a great question. I sat up a lot during the season thinking about what I could have done better. Every season is its own unique entity. Going from 2006 to 2007, there were a lot of things I could have done better and I'll try to work on that and move forward into 2008.

Q)How you would assess the job that Eric Mangini did during the 2007 season?

Tannenbaum: Eric did a really good job this year in developing the younger players on our team. I thought they got better. I think practices are really competitive. There's a lot of energy, and teaching and development. That foundation will allow us to have success in the future.

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