Mangini's State of Jets

Here is Eric Mangini's overview of what happened in 2007 and what needs to happen in 2008:

I told the players really the same thing that I told them last year. Last year at this point, I shared with them the fact that we don't get to start at 10-6; you don't get to start in the first round of the playoffs; and that each year is its own unique year. That was the message again, you don't start at 4-12. That season is in the books.

I thanked them for their effort. I thought they handled a very difficult season with a lot of character and class. Sometimes you get in situations like this where there's finger pointing and the work isn't as consistent as it should be, but I never felt that way with this group of guys. I thought they continued to work.

We are starting on is evaluating the whole roster. Looking at the things that we need to do in terms of the players that we have, developing those players, evaluating those players, looking at the system and what we can improve. Looking at the organization and the things that we can improve.

It's ultimately my responsibility to make sure that when we are faced with these tough games again, that when we are faced with these handful of plays, that we come out on top. That's what I'm going to work on extremely hard and smart to make sure that we make progress.

Mike (Tannenbaum) and I will work together to evaluate every element of the organization and make sure that we can make as many strides as we can here leading into next season.

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