Some odd and ends with Mangini

Q)Would you consider going into next year with Kellen starting and Chad backing him up?

Mangini: We're going to evaluate Kellen's progress, and we'll move into free agency, OTAs, training camp and see where it all turns out. Right now, I couldn't tell you definitively that it's going to be one scenario or the other scenario.

Q)Who gives the Jets the best chance to win - Clemens or Pennington?

Mangini: We don't play anybody this week, so we've got a ways (to go). We'll have to see leading into next season. We'll have to see how the off season goes.

Q)What can you do to get the defense to start the season stronger?

Mangini: I thought we had some good things leading into the season that were going to be effective and they were not as effective as we anticipated.

You go in with one mind set and one thing that you think is going to be effective based on the personnel that you have and it doesn't work out the way that you want it to and you've just got to keep adjusting. The goal is to adjust as quickly as possible.

Q)Is there a player who exceeded you expectations in 2007?

Mangini: I was really, really happy with Sione (Pouha). I think that he made a lot of progress. He's a guy that learned the position. The previous year when he got hurt, he learned from it, identified some things that he really needed to work on and he did that, and was very productive for the amount of time that he played.

Q)Do you think Vilma and Harris can both start for you next year?

Mangini: There are some differences between the Mike and the Will in terms of the run fits. (Eric) Barton and David (Harris) knew both spots and Jonathan knew both spots, because what you don't want to do is have a team step the tight end, motion him over and now you're playing to the tight end side and you don't know how to play those blocks. So those are really mirror positions and you have some flexibility there.

Q)Is D'Brickashaw Ferguson at the top of his game?

Mangini: No, I don't think anybody is ever at the top of their game in their second year. I think he's done some good things, but he needs to keep developing. You expect as a guy transitions into his third and fourth year, they keep making progress.

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