Should the Jets make a run at Shaun Rogers?

According to Rick Stroud in the St. Petersburg Times, the Detroit Lions are looking to unload defensive tackle Shaun Rogers. Should the Jets make a run at him?

At 6-4, 345 pounds with great athletism and strength, Rogers has 3-4 nose tackle written all over him.

But he's been very inconsistent, and has had conditioning issues. However, when he's motivated, he's a nightmare for opposing offensive linemen.

Maybe a change of scenary would be good for him, and improve his motivation. Perhaps the Jets great locker room chemistry and character would get this guy to realize his enormous potential on a consistent basis. Just look at what the New England culture did for Randy Moss.

Rogers would instantly give the Jets exactly what they need at the 3-4 nose tackle spot - someone who can consistently take up two blockers.

The Lions need a middle linebacker. How about trading Jon Vilma to Detroit for Rogers?

Vilma is a perfect fit for Detroit's Tampa Bay defense, and a motivated Rogers would give a huge bolt to the Jets 3-4.

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