The Jets new selling point in free agency

When free agency begins in March, the Jets will have a new wrinkle to add to their proposals to perspective Jets.

It's no secret that some free agents are turned off by overcrowded Long Island and the Jets outdated training complex.

So when free agency starts, the Jets are going to take players to Florham Park, New Jersey and pitch them on their amazing new training facility that is currently being constructed.

"It's going to be the best in the league," said a source close to the Jets.

And not only is the state-of-the-art complex going to be a selling point, but also living in this beautiful part of New Jersey.

Let's be honest, the towns of Hempstead and Uniondale aren't exactly going to woo many free agents. Unfortunately, both towns have seen better days, and that is where the Jets current complex resides.

A lot of NFL player hail from the Deep South and Midwest and love fishing and hunting. There is plenty of that near the Jets new complex.

Also, Newark Airport is within a half hour. This is a also going to be enticing.

So the Jets aren't going to wait until the complex is done (sometime later this year) to use this "Taj Mahal" of NFL facilities as a selling point.

It's going to start in March.

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