Tannenbaum: Clemens earned the right to play

Mike Tannenbaum says the reason Kellen Clemens played over the second half of the season is that he earned that right.

"Kellen had earned the right to play," said Tannenbaum, giving no further explanation.

And as for Clemens mostly disappointing play, Tannenbaum attributes that to youth.

"If you look at the last couple of years, our young guys in the first two rounds specifically with Nick (Mangold), Kellen (Clemens), Darrelle (Revis) and (David) Harris, I think all the young players in the league are going to have inconsistencies."

But it seemed like Mangold, Revis and Harris played a lot better during their first seasons as starters.

So what gives?

"When you play quarterback, I think that's magnified both positively and negatively," said Tannenbaum. "Kellen was similar in that he did some things wrong, and some things he has to do better. That is just part of being a young player in the league."

But not every young player who struggles early in their career turns it around.

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