5 Questions with Mo Lewis

After the Jets loss on Sunday, DE John Abraham lashed out at the coaching staff, calling the game plan too conservative and too predictable. Today, Mo Lewis, the elder statesman and captain of the defense, reacted to Abraham's comments.

Q: One of the things that John felt was that the defense was too conservative in the second half and you played soft and let them dink and dunk up and down the field.


Lewis: We just got to do better as a unit period. There's no finger pointing with me. I'm not going to give you what you want. I'm not. This is defense, and if we don't iron it out amongst ourselves, I'm not going to go to the papers with that. I'm not that kind of player.


Q: As a leader, do you feel the need to talk to John and tell him that you don't need any finger pointing, and to keep it internal?


Lewis: I think what happened is, after the game everyone is mad. When you get someone who's mad like that, they're libel to say anything. Today, after he slept on it, I'm pretty sure he regrets some of the things, if any, that he said. That was a tough loss. We were up 21-6 and we let them beat us. After a game like that, after a loss like that, a lot of things are going through a lot of people's minds. At that they need to cool down before they say something. Look at the film before they go to pointing fingers.


Q: At 2-5 where do you guys go from here?


Lewis: There's no drawing board around here. At 2-5 we got to go out there and believe in one another. Believe in what is asked of us and just go play. 2-5, is it bad? Yes it's bad. But what are you going to do? We're not going to give up. I don't think the guys on this team are going to give up. I think we're going to continue to fight hard. The one thing we got to do is believe in one another and believe in what is asked of us. Bottom line.


Q: What do you do as the senior guy on defense to try to rally this group?


Lewis: Keep them focused and keep them out of this. Because this is not going to help. Going to the papers is not going to help; it's going to cause a problem. If you're angry, got to the leaders, go to the coach. If you got a problem, this is not the answer.


Q: So that brings me back to my last question. Do you feel the need, as the leader of this defense, to sit down with John and talk to him?


Lewis: With everyone, everyone who's involved in this, not just John. John's not the only one. If you were to get the right person after the game, other than John, he would have said the same thing. That's why I don't talk after a game. Especially after a loss like that. I have to calm down. There's no way I can calm down in 15 minutes, then come to you guys and start talking. Especially with a loss like that.

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