Week 8 It's Official - We STINK!!!

The famous 50's rock song by Ruby and the Romantics kept popping into our minds as we exited the Meadowlands on Sunday afternoon in what was one of the most embarrassing, unbelievable and unlikely losses in Jet history.


As we approached the new pavilion in the parking lot with oversized photos of Weeb, Joe and Don, we knew that the season and all of its high expectations was essentially over.  "Our day will come, and we will have everything"… It was so attainable before Sunday's game, and most definitely with less than one minute left in the first half of a critical game against the Browns.  Now, after this horrific defeat; the day, the season and all the expectations will have to wait and wait unless the improbable occurs between now and Christmas and the Jets go down the stretch with not more than another loss.  Statistically it is possible.  Emotionally and realistically it seems improbable. 


There were many key turning points in this game that you can blame for the loss.  Chrebet's fumble on the 3 yard line which would most likely have resulted in a touchdown or field goal, his weak pass to Coles on a wonderful call which would have resulted in a big play and again additional points.  There was Ray Mickens wonderful interception of a Crouch pass, which resulted in a touchdown only to be called back because of an offsides call.  The obvious and glaring blame could fall on John Hall's blocked field goal with 16 seconds remaining in the contest, which would have sent the game into overtime. 


However, the real blame and fault is at the heart of the coaching philosophy of the current Jet brain trust.  The game turned when the Browns were punting to the Jets with a little less than one minute remaining in the first half and the Jets in control, the Jets beating up on the Browns, and the Jets with all three of their time-outs remaining.  The Jets should have taken their first timeout to stop the clock and then utilize which until that point in the contest was a potent offense to march down the field and attempt to put more points on the board before the half expired.  The Jets should have continued to put the pressure on the Browns with a relentless and innovative offense and essentially put them away.  Instead, the Jets began their adjustments of conservative play calling, lack of aggressiveness and the result was that the rest of the way this team played like it had fallen asleep (or as Tatum Cohen pointed out) they had taken a bit of valium at the half.  However you look at this game, analyze the contest, dissect the x's and o's, there is much fault to pass around.  On this particular day, as we entered the stadium, the omen was cast (according to Cynthia Levy) when the Game Day programs were lost for the entire stadium.  What team has ever lost their souvenir programs?  What team has ever played so wonderfully in one half and then so poorly in the next?


It was a disgrace.  Don't professional teams save timeouts?  Yes, of course if we had professional coaches.  Same old' Jets!!  With the worse coaches we ever had.  Isn't a timeout worth ten (10) five yard delay of the game penalties?  Our normal Fourth Quarter collapse started in the Second Quarter this week.  When the good teams start to turn it up, the bad and weaker teams fall apart.  Why does a team go for the tying field goal on an unacceptably bad high school field?  Why not at least take a shot at winning at the end of the game?  Don't the coaches know that half the teams lose in overtime?  Why play for OT when the Browns had all but put the Jets away with momentum and were playing better?


No sense going on about the critical mistakes.  It was tough to watch and tougher to hear Herm on the radio.  Clueless Joe Tore got nothing on Herm.  He has no answers.  But we have a few.


Fire Paul Hackett TODAY.  How can you go away from the passing game that was working and hope that a conservative running game that has not worked all year will win the game?  When we had to get back to what was working against a beat-up Browns secondary, it was not there anymore. Hackett has lost the respect of the players.  Jimmy Raye has got to be an improvement.


But the worst of all is Ted Cottrell.

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