An interesting reason by Belichick left Jets

JETS CONFIDENTIAL EXCLUSIVE: Bill Belichick was the Jets coach briefly in 2000, but then quit to become the Pats coach. Belichick told a former player an interesting reason why he didn't want to coach the Jets.

Most people thought the main reason why Belichick quit on the Jets was because he didn't want to work under Bill Parcells. Remember, "The Big Tuna" was the Jets GM in 2000. Working under Parcells has got to be difficult with the enormous shadow the coaching legend casts.

Miami coach Tony Sparano is going to find that out.

Also, there were rumors that Belichick, for some reason, didn't want to work under Jets owner Woody Johnson.

But the former Belichick player tells JC that the Pats head man didn't want to coach the Jets because he was wary of leading a team near Manhattan.

Say what?

Belichick told the player that he had a lot of trouble in Cleveland with players getting arrested at and around nightclubs in the city, and he didn't want to coach another team that worked close to a big city.

According to the player, Belichick felt that with Foxboro, being in the middle of nowhere, he would have less problems with off-the-field issues coaching New England.

And for the most part, Belichick has had very few problems in New England with arrests and other off-the-field issues.

But then again, the Jets train at Hofstra (and soon Florham Park, N.J.). Both places are about 45 minutes from Manhattan.

So it's night like he would have been coaching a team right in New York City. Most Jets player rarely venture into the city.

But hey, Belichick clearly made a great decision going up north. It's worked out wonderfully for him.

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