Gregg's exit meeting with Chansi Stuckey

This is the first part of a series of interviews JC's Gregg Hayim did with Jets players at the end of the season -

Hayim: This season started off hot for you in training camp. Unfortunately, the foot injury kept you sidelined. How would you asses your progress from a mental standpoint as the season went along?

Stuckey: I just used this time to be as useful as I can. Just watched the older guys and learned from them. Seeing what they do during the game, how they make adjustments the way they watch film. Just learning the mental part of the game.

Hayim: Was it difficult at all to only be able to work on the mental aspects of the game, not being able to implement what you're learning to the actual playing field?

Stuckey: I mean, sometimes. Because once you learn the mental stuff you want to see how it translates to doing it physically. So you just have to keep learning and picturing yourself out there doing it.

Hayim: Was it frustrating at all?

Stuckey: Everything happens for a reason, so you just take it for what it is and try to get better in any way you can.

Hayim: How confident are you, heading into next season, that you made the most of your time in learning the system?

Stuckey: I feel pretty good. Jericho, LC and Justin were very helpful in helping me learn. Anytime I had questions they helped me like they always have. So yeah, I think I used this time as useful as I could.

Hayim: How excited are you to get back out on the field?

Stuckey: Extremely excited. A new year and I'm just trying to go in with an open mind and try to get better.

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