Hayim's Exit Meeting with Pouha

Gregg Hayim: How do you think you progressed from Day One to where you are now?

Sione Pouha: Oh man, well when you say Day One, my Day One was two years ago really.

Unfortunately I got hurt, so it kind of was a new phase for me. But as this season progressed and I got to know the system a little bit more, I think I got a little more comfortable with it and I have been able to execute, make plays, and contribute.

Hayim: You're with a good portion of the guys who were new to the 3-4. We saw this defense improve as the season progressed. How much of that do you attribute to learning the system and experience?

Pouha: I think in any system, whether it be a 3-4 or 4-3 or whatever….once the players get acclimated to the system and the more guys that buy in and actually play in the system . . . and there's a difference between actually playing and thinking about it; when 11 guys are actually playing it, you become a better unit.

Hayim: In terms of going into this off-season and actually knowing the 3-4, how will it affect your training?

Pouha: I think I can go into this off-season with a little more, game specific I guess you could say. You know, I can look over the season having something to measure. Last year I really didn't have anything to measure as it was really just getting into shape. This year I can work on hand speed, foot speed. So I have somewhat of a measuring stick of what I can use in the off-season.

Hayim: Has there been a particular area in the defense where you feel you have best progressed?

Pouha: Probably my ability to use my hands. I think overall it's more the mental part for me. Understanding where I fit, how I fit, how I compliment the other players on this team. I think that's the biggest thing.

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