Coles once again wants more money

Laveranues Coles wants to redue his contract again. The announcement was made by Dave Hutchinson.

"I don't want to seem like another greedy player, but I feel I've earned the right to know where I'll finish my career," Coles told The Star-Ledger. "I've done everything this organization has asked me to do and I'm asking them to do this for me. I think I've earned that much. I've put it all on the line every Sunday for this organization.

"They've told me for the past two seasons that they would take care of me and now I feel they're stringing me along. I'm not going through this for another year.

"I've played hurt. I've been a leader in the locker room. I've held the team together in bad times. I was an intermediary between management and the players. I sacrificed my numbers for the good of the team. ... I don't want to be a disgruntled player. I want to be someplace where I'm happy."

"The Jets told me they would take care of me (with a long-term contract) and now that time is here," Coles said. "I don't want this to be a Pete Kendall situation. I don't want to be like Brandon Moore and sit out a practice to get a new contract. It shouldn't have to come to that point."

Coles has two years remaining on his contract.($5 million in 2008 and $6 million in 2009).

Let's see if Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum has the fortitude to tell Coles, like he did Pete Kendall last year, to honor his contract. Or will the GM cave?

We will see.

$11 million over two years for a 30-year-old, 5-11 receiver without deep speed seems fine.

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