More from Coles rant ripping Tannenbaum

Jets wide receiver Lavernanues Coles went off on the Jets and GM Mike Tannenbaum yesterday in the Newark Star-Ledger. He once again wants more money. Here is some more from his attack on Tannenbaum and the organization.

"I played hurt," Coles told reporter Hutch Hutchinson. "I ran clear-out routes for Jerricho (Cotchery). They praised me for my toughness and not worrying about my numbers. They tell me that I'm an unselfish player.

"I do everything they ask me to do and then when it comes to business, they tell me my production is down. That's not right.

"They asked me to not judge them on how they treated other players and to trust them," said Coles. "I tried to trust them until this point. But now I'm here and I'm getting slapped in the face. I tried to give the organization a fair chance.

"They said my production is down. But some of the best wide receivers in the league don't have their best seasons until they're in their 30s, (such as) Terrell Owens. I think I have four or five good years left. I just want to know where I'm going to end my career and I've made it clear I want to retire as a Jet."

Coles is set to make $11 million over the next two years, which seems like a good deal for an eight-year veteran with a lot of wear-and-tear.

Will Tannenbaum cave? Stay-tuned.

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