Herm Edwards on the Chargers

The Jets' head coach breaks down his next opponent, the San Diego Chargers.

On the Defense


"As you look at San Diego, obviously defensively, very physical football team.  Linebackers are very active, secondary is physical; obviously Rodney Harrison is a good player.  I don't know his status at this point.  But they have some good secondary guys.  They run around, fly around the football.  They're ranked second versus the run.  I want to say they've had 22 sacks, I believe. They have like 14 turnovers, 11 interceptions, and three fumbles.  They're a tough group.


On the Offense


"Their offense is obviously physical.  That's Marty's brand of football.  He's a physical‑type coach.  He likes to run the ball. They're 1 in rushing.  They have an outstanding runner.  Really makes a lot of yards.  His vision, his ability with his feet to just make people miss.  They're very good on third down.  They're about 47.3 percent on third down, so that's pretty good.  They've outscored their opponents in the third and fourth quarter by about 15 points.


On Drew Brees


"The quarterback is a good player, he really is.  He's a good passer, accurate guy, can move in the pocket, and really is their third leading rusher.  79 yards on 23 carries.  He runs around.  If guys are covered at times, he can make some plays.


On the receivers


"Conway, he was with Chicago for a while, very good receiver.  Dwight is a good, fast guy.  They use him on a lot of reverses, things of that nature.  Obviously they throw him the ball a lot.

They're a good offense.  They run the ball.  Their intent is to run the football.  They play action pass.  They're playing very well.  At 6-1, they're a good football team.


On Marty Schottenheimer


"He's a very detailed, organized, good football coach. He has won a lot of games in this league.  Really my first coaching job was with Marty as an assistant.  I started as a scout, eventually took Tony's job as the secondary coach.  We were all on the same staff at one time, Tony, Bill, all under Marty at one time. He's a good coach.  He's developed a lot of coaches.  I've taken some things in my era, things that I watched him do, and used them.

He's a good coach, he really is.  I respect the guy.  He's got a lot of wins in this league.


"I think it's important that you establish what you are.  He established his identity, what he's going to do.  He's always going to run the football.  When we were at Kansas City, we had Christian, Barry, those type of guys.  We would run the ball, play action pass, play good defense, and sound special teams.  That's his deal.  He's always been that way.


"His favorite run is the power up.  He's still running it.  He ran it in Kansas City, ran it in Washington, still running it in San Diego.  I've been around him.  He believes that.  That's how he coaches.  That's his philosophy.  It's worked for him.


On LaDainian Tomlinson


"He's a cut‑back [runner].  He has it all.  He's probably one of the best backs I've seen.  Watched him about four games.  He's a really good player.  Catches the ball good, runs good, tough guy.  Good football player.


"Similar [to Curtis Martin]. I don't know if he's faster or not.  I don't know.  But he's a good player, has real good balance.  When he makes his cuts, he has a good base.  That's why he can cut.  He makes a lot of plays on his own.  Looks sticky at times.  He finds a little hole, hits it, runs.  He's a good player. They always have the ability to check it to him."

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