Chris Long not a good fit for Jets

Indianapolis - Many have speculated that Chris Long would be a good fit for the Jets 3-4 defense. Think again.

The UVA defensive end admitted Saturday, at the combine, that he's not big enough to play end in a 3-4 defense.

Long measured 6-3, 272 pounds in Indianapolis.

"Most 3-4 ends are at least three beans (300 pounds)," Long said.

Long said 3-4 end is probably his third best position on the NFL level. 4-3 end would be Number One, and 3-4 outside linebacker would be second.

But Long has really never played 3-4 outside linebacker, so that is strictly a projection.

And he'd probably have to lose 20 pounds.

His best position on the next level is clearly 4-3 end, so this makes him a bad fit for the Jets.

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