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Indianapolis - It's pretty clear what type of prospects the Tangini regime is looking for, and one top shelf 3-4 OLB prospect clearly doesn't seem like their kind of guy.

Florida junior Derrick Harvey could really help the Jets as a 3-4 OLB, but after attending his press conference at the combine on Saturday, I would have to say he isn't what the Jets are looking for.

At his press conference, Harvey was aloof and seemed a tad big immature, which is understandable because he just turned 21.

He also had a funky hairstyle that brought back memories of Lou Albano, with rubber bands creating a few different braids.

Hey, there isn't anything wrong with an eclectic hairstyle, but we all know they aren't advisable when conducting a job interview.

Just overall, it just didn't seem like Harvey was the Jets kind of guy.

But after talking to Ohio State's Vernon Gholston, I would have to say he clearly is a Tangini kind of guy - smart, polished and focused. And it doesn't hurt that he had 14 sacks as a junior. Gholston said he is well aware of the rumors of him going to the Jets at six.

Another guy who stuck me as a Jets type of prospect is Miami defensive end Calais Campbell. The Denver-native, who might still be on the board when the Jets pick in the second round, is extremely bright and has a great attitude. He is a little under 6-8 and weighs 280. He could put on 20 pounds and turn into a Chris Canty (Dallas)-type 3-4 end.

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