5 Questions with Jason Ferguson

The defensive tackle talks about the San Diego Chargers, and their power running attack.

Q: What kind of game plan do you have to prepare for with San Diego?


Ferguson: They come right at you. They let you know what they're running. That's what they're going to do. They dare you to stop it. You gotta like that. They come right at you. If you like football, that's what's going to happen.


Q: In the last couple of weeks you've done better against the run, but this is a much tougher opponent than you've faced.


Ferguson: That's their identity. They set it up with their run. And they're powerful. They run a lot of powers with it. They come with all their weight, they got a lot of big linemen, and they run right behind them. You gotta be able to stop them. They come right at you and you can't dodge it.


Q: Is the momentum swing in the second half having an effect on your confidence as far as believing you can win verses hoping you could win?


Ferguson: I wish I could put my finger on it. It's just going in there, everyone has the mindset that something bad might happen and the whole moral goes down. We got to fix that. When we find something going bad, everybody's head goes down and it's like, ‘oh, we gotta fix it.' Patience. Like we had in the first game. A team went up on us and we tried to find a way to win. Right now we're trying to find a way to lose and that's not the way to play.


Q: Because San Diego comes right at you and you know what they're going to do, could that be good for this defense and maybe help the gang tackling?


Ferguson: They give you a chance to see what you're about, because they're not going to change their scheme. They're going to do what they do, and that's coming right at you. Wherever their hole is their going to run it, and I guarantee you if that play is successful, they're going to right back to it and do it all game. You just have to stay patient with them because they're going to come right back at you. Any play that works, you can guarantee they'll come back to it. You just got to continue banging, stay in your gaps and start playing defense.


Q: Is it good for you guys to get away from everything by going to San Diego? Get away from the pressure and the surroundings a little bit?


Ferguson: The pressure's off of us now. We just gotta win. I don't think anybody's feeling any pressure because everybody's been talking bad about us and that's all we've been showing them is the bad. We just got to do better. I've never been around a group that quits, so I'm not worried about is quitting.


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