"We're still in this"

It was the eighth time in the history of me being a NY Jets fan seeing this team blow a halftime lead and end up losing by a small margin or just a field goal. It just really annoys me that everything just seemed to SHUT DOWN right on the Jets right after the halftime.


 I don't really blame the Offense since QB Chad Pennington and all the WR's were doing pretty well. I do blame Paul Hackett for going SUPER conservative when the Jets had this game nice and secure in their wins column only to let it slip away and just let it float away. Now it just makes everything else harder. Are the Jets done for the Season? No, I disagree with that statement.


The Jets can STILL turn things around. We still have to play the Chargers, Dolphins, Lions, Bills, Raiders, Broncos, Bears, Patriots, and finally, the Green Bay Packers. We only have 5 losses and if we start winning some games, we may still have a shot to make the Playoffs. With the Dolphins/Patriots feeling the true effects of what it is to be in the legendary AFC East with several consecutive losses, the Jets can march themselves back to where we expected them too. Of course it's a much longer road now since we lost to the Cleveland Browns, but in this day and age of the NFL, anything is possible. I wouldn't rule out the Jets just yet.


I know the San Diego Chargers may very well be the best team in the AFC right now, but remember, the Jets have made a little impact with lots of wins on the ROAD. With the horrible Home record the Jets have, at least they have that going with them to the West Coast. Speaking of Giants (Jets) Stadium, that HAS to be the worst playing field in the NFL. It's ridiculous that a stadium of the National Football League is in that kind of condition. That may very well be a huge reason as to why the Jets have been playing the way they have at Home. The footing is off, the formations aren't locked in because of slipping, and other things too I bet. It's true that if you're a step too early or a step too late that happens BEYOND your control due to a poor field condition, it will affect you tremendously. Let's just hope they do something to fix the Stadium right NOW and not next year. Not only is it horrible to play on, it's hazardous to the players. Lots of people have complained that you can very easily break a leg or ankle running on that field.


As I was saying before I got off topic with Giants (Jets) Stadium, the Jets have a decent chance again the Chargers. One of the things that the Jets have improved on is their "run-defense". It has actually gotten better over the weeks. The real test will be against one of the best RB's playing right now, the Charger's RB who goes by the nickname of "LT". Of course, LT isn't their only weapon. They have an up and coming star QB in Drew Brees, so the pass defense MUST kick it up a notch to get some pressure on this guy. If they can do that, give the Chargers defense a heavy dose of RB Curtis Martin, and open up the air with QB Chad Pennington, we may very well leave San Diego with a victory. We need one very badly to just get out of this hole. I for one haven't given up on this team, and I hope I'm not alone in that category.


Boomer Esiason said something really profound this past Sunday. With all the talk about the Jets "all green" uniforms, I think it doesn't really matter what the uniforms look like. Yeah, I know that teams in the past have gone to fancier uniforms and the performance on the field just skyrocketed. A perfect example that comes to mind are the Denver Broncos when they dumped those bright orange jerseys and went with the great looking uniforms they wear to this day. But, let me ask you something! Did a uniform make the Denver Broncos goto two straight SuperBowls and come out victorious in both? NO! Like Boomer said: "It's not what is outside the uniform, it's what is inside the uniform that counts". The uniforms didn't give the Broncos those rings, it's the players who played with the heart, passion, and fire you need to succeed in the NFL. Names such as Terrell Davis, Shannon Sharpe, Ed McCaffrey, and the legendary John Elway got them that success. Uniforms don't make the player, it's what they have in their heart.

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