Gregg's exit meeting with Leon Washington

Hayim: Leon, what are your plans for the off-season?

Washington: What I try to do in the offseason is to get back [to Hempstead] after a little vacation and look at game films. Look at everything you need to correct. Obviously one of the things for me is catching punts, get better at doing that.

Hayim: What do you need to work on in the weight room?

Washington: What I'm going to do is try to get bigger, faster stronger for one. Prepare myself as if I'm going to catch the ball, run the ball, if I'm on kickoff team, punt team, whatever the case may be.

Hayim: How hard is to have a have a job with so many different roles?

Washington: For some games I will be kind of a receiver, some games a running back. Sometimes they emphasize on me returning the ball. My job is to prepare myself mentally first of all to learn different positions. Throughout the year we play different teams with different game plans and my job is to best prepare myself for it.

Hayim: Have you felt added pressure having to learn all these different positions?

Washington: Well, when I first got here Coach Mangini did a great job of putting great stress on us learning the offense entirely, not just what you do, but what other guys do. So for example, if I'm a running back I have to know what the wide receivers do just in case a guy goes down and I need to fill the position, I know the routes and the checks and things like that. So that definitely gave me an edge in terms of my career.

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