Will Coles be rewarded after slandering Jets

Last month, wide receiver Laveranues Coles, had some awful things to say about the Jets regarding his contract.

"They've lied to me and strung me along for the past two seasons," Coles said in the Newark Star-Ledger recently.

"I feel I've earned the right to know where I'll finish my career," said Coles.

Coles thinks the Jets owe him for past service. GM's and coaches can get in a lot of trouble giving players money for prior contributions, especially in a salary cap era. The NFL is about what you can do for a team now.

"I've put it all on the line every Sunday for this organization," said Coles.

So does Kerry Rhodes and a lot of other players. Coles is not alone in this department.

"I played hurt," said Coles.

So did Chris Baker and many other players. Once again, he's not the only one – not by a long shot.

"I ran clear-out routes for Jerricho (Cotchery)," said Coles.

Cotchery played darn well down the stretch after Coles was put on IR. This concept that Cotchery needs Coles to be successful is insulting to Jerricho.

"I've done everything this organization has asked me to do and I'm asking them to do this (a contract extension) for me," said Coles. "I think I've earned that much. I've put it all on the line every Sunday for this organization."

Wallace Wright and many other players also "put it on the line every Sunday."

"They've told me for the past two seasons that they would take care of me and now I feel they're stringing me along," said Coles. "I'm not going through this for another year."

We will see what the GM is made of in how he handles this situation.

If he caves in, after being disrespected by the player in the media, it's not going to make Mr. T. look very good.

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