Jets reportedly give Faneca record money

Alex Marvez of Fox Sports reports that guard Alan Faneca is getting the largest contract ever given to an offensive lineman.

Marvez reports that Faneca will received an average of $8 million per season over five years with $21 million in guaranteed money.

It's really hard to believe that Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum would make Faneca the highest paid offensive lineman in NFL history. Remember, we are talking about a player who has some wear-and-tear after ten years in the league. He's a very good player, but is he worth the most money ever for an offensive lineman? Probably not.

We have a feeling that the description - "largest contract ever given to an offensive lineman," is agent-speak, and there is no way the player is ever going to see $40 million. Tannenbaum is way too good of a cap guy to set up a deal like that.

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