Gregg's exit meeting with D'Brickashaw

Hayim: What was the mindset of you and your teammates at the end of the season when the team was out of it?

Ferguson: Our mindset has always been consistent, we want to go out there and win a game, be successful. And we weren't able to do that too many time this year, but again, a victory is always what I search for, what we search for…successful play and anything else would just be setting yourself up for failure.

Hayim: As a collective unit, the offensive line…You guys had some good days, you had some bad days . . .

Ferguson: Football is a game of mistakes, you know, that's how teams win, that's how teams lose. But the people who play the game are just as capable of making mistakes as the next man. So, whether it be missed plays or bad blocks, it's not something we look forward to, but it happens. Obviously we always strive for better.

Hayim: How about personally. Your heading into your third training camp and you know what's going to be expected of you, is anything going to change from a training standpoint to best prepare yourself to make that leap?

Ferguson: My goal is always is always to improve personally. Whether it be my knowledge of the game, my physical play, there are always things I want to increase and get better at. But again, I have been pleased with my progress. Obviously I am not going stay where I am, I'm going to shoot for the stars but I think I am stepping in the right direction.

Hayim: Over the course of your career, whether it be high school, college or even your rookie season, you haven't lost much. How difficult was this past season?

Ferguson: It's something you never want to go through, but this is now an experience that I can pull from and know that hey, this is not something that I want to do again. I always want to be in a successful situation and I always know I want to do my part in making sure we don't have a season like this again. It's unfortunate, but you can definitely learn from it.

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