It didn't take Miami Bill long to pick fight

Bill Parcells is questioning the journalistic integrity of Jason Cole.

It was based on a report by Cole on Yahoo Sports that Jason Taylor is going to be traded.

"Miami Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor has already moved away from South Florida," wrote Cole. "The only thing left is to figure out his next address.

"Three sources close to the Dolphins organization said this week that Taylor and the team he has been part of for 11 years have graciously agreed to part ways between now and the NFL draft April 26. There's no animosity between Taylor and new Dolphins guru Bill Parcells or coach Tony Sparano."

Parcells lashed out at Cole's report through ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

"This latest report is just another example of journalistic irresponsibility," Parcells told Mortensen.

Maybe it's journalistic irresponsibility because Parcells wants to trade Taylor and this hurts the value.

If that is the case, then don't attack the messenger.

And if he ends up trading Taylor, he owes Cole a major apology.

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