Marty Schottenheimer on the Jets

The Chargers head coach spoke the the New York media about the Jets, and his former assistant coach Herman Edwards.

Can you draw any parallels between the Jets with all of their new players and Washington last year?


I think there is a very definite similarity.  Our business is now one of constant change, but it takes time to put the pieces together.  You don't just take it and put it up on the board and say ‘alright, this is going to work.'  You have to go through the process of the instruction and the teaching.  From my point of view, I look at that football team, and this is not coach-speak, what I see is a football team who has had some difficulties.  But it isn't because they don't play hard, it isn't because they haven't been prepared, there have been some things that have unfolded in the course of events that they end up on the short end of it.  My feeling has always been this:  The first area that I look to, to try to determine whether you've got issues on the football team about being successful, is the special teams.  Because that is the part of it that I think that if you have a problem, it is most evident.  It surfaces there before any place else.  And there is no question, that from a special teams standpoint, they may be as good as anybody in the league.  So it is just going to take a matter of time and patience. 


Can you talk about your time with Herman Edwards in KC?


Herman was originally in the scouting department and he wanted to coach so we had him on the staff as a secondary coach.  He did an excellent job for us, and if memory serves me, he left to go to, I think it was Tampa, I am not even sure.  But Herman, I always thought, had a good pulse of the players.  He did an excellent job in teaching, which is paramount in this business. 


What can you say about Herm and his situation here, trying to get things turned around?


I know one thing.  Herman is as tough-minded, as strong-willed as any coach I have been around.  And I say that in a positive way.  He is a great communicator.  I mentioned that before.  I just think he is going to be patient.  Herman knows what works, and he is going to continue to be patient.  My only hope is he can wait just one more week, because I don't have any doubt that that is going to be a good football team.  When you have as much change that has taken place there, it doesn't fit together right away.  It's impossible.


Any similarities you see in Drew Brees and Chad Pennington?


I know a little bit about Pennington.  You can look at the numbers, and they are remarkable for a young QB, the great accuracy and all of that, but I see a lot of similarities from afar.  I know he is extremely bright, I know he works at it extremely hard, and the QB's that I have been around that have been successful, have been guys that have spent as much time of the field in preparation as they have on the field.  I believe in that regard, Chad and Drew would be very similar. 

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