Five Questions for Kris Jenkins

Q)You have never played the 3-4 nose tackle position before. How do you see the transition going?

Jenkins: I am actually looking forward to the challenge. Some of the time that I've been in Carolina, I have at times been in the zero technique and the way that it was explained to me by Coach (Bob) Sutton and Coach (Dan) Quinn, it is pretty similar. I think that it is a test that I can handle.

Q)Went wrong that last few years in Carolina?

Jenkins: Actually, nothing went wrong. As far as my injury (two years ago) is concerned, I'm not at liberty to get into that, but for the past two seasons I have been healthy and I feel that I have played pretty solid.

I greatly appreciate what Carolina has done for me in the past by giving me the opportunity to play seven years in the NFL, the chance go to a Super Bowl and the chance to also go to three Pro Bowls. I hold no malice toward the organization. It's just the reality with business is business.

Q)How do you respond to the criticism you have received at times about your conditioning?

Jenkins: My focus is on the New York Jets and I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that I'm in top physical condition and I'm at the top - peak performance for myself to help contribute to the defense and to contribute to the organization.

Q)What is the Jets mindset about your weight – what did they say?

Jenkins: I'm going to make sure that I do whatever the organization asks of me to be the best player that I can be for the organization. Whatever I have to do as far as my weight is concerned as far as my work ethic is concerned, training, I'm open to everything. I feel like I do train very hard in the off-¬season. I have been training up to this point, and I am going to do everything that I can, like I said, to be in top physical condition for that.

Q)Will there be some growing pains adjusting to the 3-4?

Jenkins: To be honest with you, I think that it will be somewhat of an adjustment. I mean, I am human. I just can't put on a red cape and fly away. But I think that it's something that I can handle and I can excel at, and I think it's something that the ground rules that have been set for me are things that are very reasonable.

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