Gregg's exit meeting with DE Mike DeVito

Hayim: The 3-4 was new to you last year. How do you think you progressed in the system?

DeVito: I think I have learned a lot, especially with the 3-4 defense and adapting to that switch. I think that Dan (Quinn) and B-Cox have done a great job of teaching me the techniques. Every week I just try to get better and I can see it progressing as I get more comfortable with the season.

Hayim: How much are you still thinking out there instead of reacting?

DeVito: I think I still have a long way to go, but I think I'm getting more and more comfortable with the different blocks and schemes that are going on. I'm starting to see it and feel it and it's important that week to week to keep getting better.

Hayim: Knowing what you know now about the system, you won't be heading into next season blind, so to speak. With that said, do you feel that you have certain things you can build upon in the off-season that may give you an edge next year?

DeVito: Definitely, there is a lot of stuff. Obviously speed, strength and all the stuff we do in the weight room. Also just staying on my techniques and doing work with the pads and the offensive line. Just make sure I don't have a drop off after the season.

Hayim: Your blue-print this season has been that "high-motor" intensity. Is that still at the forefront or at this point- heading into the off-season- does it turn to technique and mental stuff?

DeVito: I mean you always have to have that high-motor intensity. That's part of football and you always have to have that. So that will always be a part of my game, but now it's also about improving my techniques and stuff like that.

Hayim: What are do you feel you have gotten most comfortable with during the learning process? DeVito: The base techniques and block recognition. Seeing what's going on and being able to react to it has probably been the biggest thing.

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